Advanced Excel Test

This is a technical examination aimed at assessing individuals' levels and skills in using the Microsoft Excel program in an advanced manner.

Test Objectives:
The test aims to measure individuals' ability to work effectively with advanced features and functions within the program for purposes such as data analysis, data management, and report generation.


Test Topics:
The covered topics include the following:"
Module 1: Perfect table                                                           Module 7: Drop Down Lists
Module 2: Functions                                                                   Module 8: Duplicate Records
Module 3: Filtering Data                                                           Module 9: Notifications or Reminders
Module 4: Formatting Tables                                                   Module 10: Analyzing Data
Module 5: Security and Protection                                           Module 11: Hyperlinks
Module 6: Switching Horizontal and Vertical Data                           Module 12: MACRO

The Target Audience:
1. Professionals in the field of data analysis, such as financial analysts and data analysis experts.
2. Managers and executives who require a deep understanding of data to make strategic decisions.
3. Professionals in project management who utilize Excel to track and analyze project progress.
4. Individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge of Microsoft Excel.


Advantages of the Test:
Bilingual: The examination may be provided in either Arabic or English.
Credibility: Exams are electronically corrected without human intervention.
Speed: Immediate results appear on the trainee's screen after completing the exam.
Flexibility: Option to take the exam at any time and at accredited centers.


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