Talal Abu Ghazaleh International Certificate in Cyber Security

Establishing a culture of information security in society is crucial in the field of cybersecurity. This involves promoting an environment where individuals, companies, and institutions prioritize cybersecurity and actively engage in practices that safeguard sensitive information. Education plays a crucial role in creating awareness about potential cyber threats and instilling the concept of responsibility toward information security. This includes encouraging the adoption of strong password policies, regular software updates, and implementing encryption measures, all contributing to fostering a robust security culture. Additionally, enhancing open communication channels for reporting suspicious activities and incidents aids in early detection and mitigation of cyber risks. By integrating information security principles into daily routines and organizational operations, a strong and proactive cyber culture can be developed, ensuring better preparedness of society to deal with evolving digital threats.

Talal Abu Ghazaleh International Cyber Security Test aims to assess candidates' abilities in using electronic devices to protect data, prevent its theft, and avoid system breaches.

Test Level:
The test is at a basic level to serve all community members interested in developing practical skills in information protection against breaches. Successful candidates receive the Talal Abu Ghazaleh International Certificate in Cyber Security.

Why Cyber Security is important for Society:

Protecting personal information
Preventing identity theft
Financial security
Ensuring secure online communication
Protection against malware and viruses
Safeguarding devices and networks
Awareness of social engineering tactics
Protecting children online
Assessing information security awareness among community members

Target groups:

Companies and institutions
Government sectors
Vital devices and infrastructure
Financial sector
School and university students

Test advantages:

Bilingual: The examination may be provided either in Arabic or in English.
Credibility: Exams are electronically corrected without human intervention.
Speed: Immediate results appear on the trainee's screen after completing the exam.
Flexibility: Option to take the exam at any time and at accredited centers.


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