To ensure the integrity of the TAG-DIT certificate and associated examinations, we have taken it upon ourselves to implement stringent quality control procedures at all levels. TAG-DIT teachers and trainers are regularly assessed and evaluated to ensure their ability to deliver the courses effectively.

Examination centers adopt strict verification procedures related to candidates, proctors, examiners and center staff. Examinations are continuously developed and modified to ensure that they are up to date and reflect the latest skillset that candidates should possess. The examination centers provide a high degree of assurance of the contents of the physical and electronic examinations.

During the examinations only verified proctors can be in the examination room, which is backed up with recorded high-quality video surveillance monitored by an external proctor. These strict security measures ensure high credibility of the examinations. We also monitor the quality and productivity of our centers by regularly sending representatives from our headquarters to ensure that all centers are in full compliance with our set quality procedures.

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