Technical requirements
Ensure that your PC meets the below specified technical requirements:
1. The operating system should be Windows 10 professional along with Microsoft Office 2016 Multilanguage and both of them should be 64 bit.

2. The user account of the Windows operating system is authorized and has been granted full control permissions on the computer.

3. Change the (User Account Control Settings) status to “Never notify”.

4. The PC should be connected to the internet with full permission

5. Change the language of the system locale to Arabic Jordan. To do that, you may follow these steps:
          - Open the Control Panel. You can do this by searching for "Control Panel" in the Start menu.
          - In the Control Panel, click on "Region ".
          - In the Region settings window, click on the "Administrative" tab.
          - Under the "Administrative" tab, click on the “Change system locale” button and select "Arabic (Jordan)".
          - Click on the "OK" button to save the changes.
          - Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

6. Provide us with the MAC address of your PC.To find the MAC address of your PC, please follow these steps:
           - Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.
           - Type (cmd) and press Enter to open the Command Prompt.
           - In the Command Prompt, type 'ipconfig /all' and press Enter.
           - Look for the 'Physical Address' entry under the network adapter you are using (e.g.  Ethernet or Wi-Fi).


Demo credentials

To luanch the test demo, please use the below credentials:

Username: demo    /    Password: tagicitdemo



please click here to download the TAGDIT demo setup

please click here to download the TAGDIT online setup

please click here to download the TAGDLC – Essentials setup

please click here to download the TAGDLC – Essentials Demo setup

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